On October 15th: 18,094,065 voters will participate in Elections for governors Print
Written by CNE   
Wednesday, 13 September 2017 14:03



Elections of governors will be held on Sunday, October 15th, approved by the National Electoral Council (CNE). According to the schedule, reviewed and certified by the electoral authorities, the election campaigns will last 20 days, from September 23th and until October 12 midnight.

During this same period, an electoral fair will be held to inform voters of the candidate’s offers and practice the vote, according to the electoral website. These regional elections have had previous preparation activities, among which stand out: the act of choosing a ballot, choosing the electoral register, as well as auditing the software that will be used. Representatives of 18 organizations for political purposes have participated in them and have not conflicting observations, as indicated in the audit report signed by all participants.

The audits for the voting machine software will continue with the participation of the technical representatives of the organizations for political purposes that take part in these elections, with the objectives of verifying that the programming of the voting machine corresponds to the function that must comply with the election day, when the voter proceeds to exercise his right to vote and that the machine reflects the will of the elector; in addition to demonstrating that the evaluations and verifications carried out cannot be changed and that the applications reviewed and verified in the audit are the same that will be used in all the machines used in the electoral process.

The voter registration that will be used for this event is the one corresponding to the July 15th period and in the choice of governors for the 23 states, the voters of the Capital District are not included, because this federal entity has a special government, which does not contemplate the election of governor.