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204 years ago was installed the first Congress of Venezuela in San Javier Conde house, located in the present corner of El Conde (Caracas).

Simón Bolívar, along with other members of the Patriotic Society, pressured from the start of the sessions for Congress formally declared independence, which would happen four months later, on July 5, 1811.

The directive of that first congress consisted of the deputies Felipe Fermin Paul (Chairman), Mariano de la Cova (Vice President), Miguel José Sanz (Secretary) and Antonio Nicolás Briceño (Secretary).

Part of the minutes of that historic day expresses: "(...) The board just gave the world the most sublime testimony of patriotic generosity that it promised his constituents, who have seen the memorable March 2, 1811 with unspeakable joy carried the hopes that this government conceived on April 19, 1810 by giving them their interests and preserve their freedom. This grand and eternal glory Act for America, sufficient only for posterity remembered with pleasure the time an authority who knew how to sacrifice the interests and calm of its members not to perpetuate a sovereignty that belongs to the people, but to help exercise the open vote to all citizens ... The March 2 has been at the irrevocably sanctioned destinations of Venezuela. Under the auspices of peace, of unanimous sentiment and public tranquility are installed the first courts that America has seen".

Among the functions that had assigned this was the first conference to discuss and approve the creation of new agencies.

SourceAttorney-General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

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