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On this day, 209 years ago, in the bay of Jacmel, Haiti, Francisco de Miranda waved for the first time the flag of Venezuela.


Miranda, who commanded a ship of 180 tons, that he had named after his youngest son, "Leander", brought a heterogeneous force, composed of Polish, French, Austrian and American, people among others. That March 12, the extraordinary hero harangued the crew with fiery words, and immediately made everyone pay an oath before the flag of a republic that did not yet exist.


On August 3, he set foot on Venezuelan soil in the fort of San Pedro de la Vela de Coro, commanding the Liberating Expedition; Miranda deploys again the tricolor flag. Miranda, precursor of the independence movement created a flag for the movement that would later receive the nickname mother flag, because of that design would derive the current flag of the country. Such symbol was recognized as a national standard by Congress, July 15, 1811 and was hoisted for the first time on July 16 of that year.


From this design, the primary tricolor flag is maintained, varying only the number of stars and use of the national emblem. In 1936 was established on March 12 as "Flag Day", a day to be held each year until 2006, when according to a decree issued by the Eternal Commander Hugo Chavez, the celebration for the day August 3 was changed, as the day the mother flag of Miranda was hoisted for the first time in Venezuelan territory.



Source: Attorney-General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

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