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Tuesday, 07 August 2018 00:00

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has become aware of the position of Colombia on the explicit denunciation by President Nicolás Maduro about the involvement of the government of said country, and especially, President Juan Manuel Santos, in the attempted assassination of last August 4th, 2018.
In this connection, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela hereby states as follows:
1. It is revealing that the Government of Colombia applies the adjective “alleged” to refer to a fact that, besides being very grave, it was public and noteworthy, thus rendering clear its intention to cast doubt on the assassination attempt on President Nicolás Maduro.
2. It is nothing less but surprising that the first reaction of the Government of Colombia is not to condemn the assassination attempt or express concern about the life and security of the Head of State of a neighbour country.
3. It is rather suspicious that the sole position of the Colombian Government has been to staunchly defend and release from any responsibility President Juan Manuel Santos, at a time when it is impossible to conceal the permanent aggressions and provocations against the People and Government of Venezuela, being his latest statement before the attempt that he was seeing the end of President Maduro soon, as a chronicle of an assassination attempt foretold.
4. The calls made by President Santos for a change of government in Venezuela are widely known. He has facilitated and allowed the installation in headquarters of the Colombian Branches of Government people absconding from Venezuelan justice whose express purpose is to attempt on the rule of law in Venezuela.

5. It is beyond any question the economic aggression by Colombia against the Venezuelan people and the express reluctance by President Santos to fight the mafias, paramilitary troops and gangs that attack our country with multi-dimensional approaches and methods.
For the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela, history has shown that the Colombian oligarchy’s obsession to interfere in Venezuelan matters knows no limits. The Venezuelan people in a civilian-military alliance has stopped its pretensions in the past and shall continue to do so in the future and shall never submit to its whims and unsuspected purposes.
We hold the Government of Colombia accountable for any new aggression or attempt to promote from within its territory or from the borderline spaces any provocation against the Homeland of Bolívar.

Caracas, August 6th, 2018



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