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Monday, 11 December 2017 17:24

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Over 9 million Venezuelans went to the polls on Sunday to elect mayors for the country’s 335 municipalities.  These municipal elections, the third electoral process this year in Venezuela, relied on 14,384 voting centers throughout the country.

“Nine million Venezuelans participated one again to demonstrate their commitment to democracy.  We thank the poll workers who for the third time [this year], and with such little time to prepare, met the needs of the Venezuelan people,” said Sandra Oblitas, Vice President of the National Electoral Council (CNE), from the CNE building in Caracas.

She also noted that the nine million voters represented 47.32% of the over 19 million eligible voters. The first results of Sunday’s elections included votes from 31,800 of the 32,700 voting machines used in the poll.

Chavismo Sweeps the Mayor’s Races

One of the most noteworthy results of the elections is that the Bolivarian Revolution won 23 of the municipal capitals in the country.

“It was a day of participation and a demonstration of the Venezuelan people’s belief in and commitment to democracy, their belief in peace and in electoral processes as a trustworthy and secure space for participation,” Oblitas said before announcing the initial results.

She also noted that the electoral boards “are authorized to continue totaling the votes in their municipalities.”



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