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Monday, 04 December 2017 17:58

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The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, invited members of the opposition to meet this week at Miraflores Palace, headquarters of the National Government, to deepen the formal dialogue to review the six points agreed upon by the parties in the dialogue roundtable developed this December 1 and 2 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

"I want to invite this week deputy Julio Borges, deputy Luis Florido, deputy Timoteo Zambrano and deputy Luis Aquiles Moreno, on behalf of the political parties of the opposition Primero Justicia, Voluntad Popular, Acción Democrática and Un Nuevo Tiempo to Miraflores", said the president during his TV program Sundays with Maduro number 98, by VTV.

He said that the meeting will be held in the presence of the Dialogue Commission to evaluate the development of the 6 before December 15, when again both sectors will hold a meeting in Santo Domingo.

The President recalled that the national government maintains a constant dialogue with all productive and social sectors of the country and stressed the importance of consolidating a formal dialogue with all political sectors for the wellbeing of the country.

"Now it is necessary to have a political dialogue with all the political actors of the country, with all the forces and political factors, I have insisted a lot that there has to be a dialogue and a permanent system of transparent dialogue facing the country with the Venezuelan opposition".

The Head of State recalled the various occasions he has called on the opposition sectors to participate in a dialogue for peace.

"In 372 opportunities I have called for a national dialogue," he stressed.

To initiate the necessary preparations to carry out this meeting, the President instructed the Head of the Dialogue Commission, Jorge Rodríguez.


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