Embassy of Venezuela in the United States of America
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1. We are an American company interested in exporting/importing products to/from Venezuela. Can the Embassy give me a list of exporters or importers, or specific information as to how to do business in Venezuela?

The Embassy does not have a database of Venezuelan companies. As such, we normally forward questions to corresponding governmental institutions that may be capable of providing the required information. We recommend contacting one of these organizations as they have more information about business and trade, and specific information about the industry in which you are interested.

2. We are an American company that will soon begin exporting to Venezuela. What fees must we pay?

Seniat is the Venezuelan institution in charge of establishing and collecting regulatory fees. We recommend visiting the Seniat website.

3. We are a foreign company doing business in Venezuela. We are aware of foreign exchange controls. What procedures do we need to follow regarding these controls?

Cadivi is the Venezuelan institution in charge of the administration of foreign currency. Cadivi has established quotas for foreign exchange that depend on the country’s import needs in each sector. For more specific information about your sector, please visit Cadivi’s website.

4. We are a company interested in doing business in Venezuela. What procedures must we follow to register our company in your country?

Please visit the section of our website regarding Foreign Investment.

5. We are a company interested in buying oil and oil derived products and/or providing services to the Venezuelan oil industry. Who should we contact?

PDVSA is Venezuela’s state oil company. They are in charge of extracting, refining, producing, and selling oil and oil derived products. The company has different subsidiaries that provide the services and products it requires. We invite you to visit  PDVSA’s website for more information as to how to acquire their products.

Additionally, if you are in the U.S., we suggest contacting PDVSA Services Inc. in Houston at the following address:

PDVSA Services Inc.
11490 Westheimer Rd., Suite 800
Houston, TX 77077
Telephone: (281) 531-0004
Fax: (281) 588-6991

6. I am a student doing a project about Venezuela. Can you give me information about the Venezuelan economy, including data such as macroeconomic indicators, trade statistics, health data, etc.?

Please visit our reference area, and see the section of our website on economic indicators. For information on trade procedures, visit the “How to Export and Import” section. For more information about our poverty alleviation programs and projects on health, education, and other areas, please visit the social missions section.

Some other good resources are the National Institute of Statistics, the Central Bank (Banco Central de Venezuela) and the Organization for Social Management.


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