President Maduro Calls for Diplomacy of Peace at U.N.: “There is still time for humanity to stop the terror in Syria” PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 05 October 2015 18:50

Maduro Onu

New York, NY — On Tuesday, September 29, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro gave his remarks at the General Assembly of the United Nations during the General Debate of the 70th Session. The president’s statements called for a diplomacy of peace to address the challenges faced by Venezuela and the world.

On Syria and support for Putin’s proposal for a new peace alliance:

 "In Venezuela we believe that there is still time for humanity to stop the terror in Syria."  

"[We] still have time to form a peace alliance, a new alliance of peace. We support the proposal made by Russian President Vladimir Putin to form a new peace alliance and from the Security Council, Venezuela sends its permanent support to take this proposal to be worked, discussed, to protect the people of Syria."

Comparing the situation in Syria with wars waged in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, he remarked: "We need to ask ourselves: did the war in Afghanistan bring peace or more misery?"

“Nobody has the right to judge and undermine the political regime that has been decided upon by another country.”

On the Colombian peace process:

“We want to pay tribute to Colombia and the steps President Santos has taken to get to a definitive peace agreement with the FARC.  Venezuela will do its utmost in strengthening the path to peace in Colombia.[...] Latin America is speaking with one voice.”

On the upcoming parliamentary elections:

“As Jimmy Carter said, the Venezuelan electoral system is the most transparent and complete election system he has seen in the world.

I would ask the world to be very alert to any attempt to interfere in the political process in Venezuela - participatory democracy. We have our constitution, adopted by our people in 1999. Our call is for peace, for democracy, peaceful approaches, we will continue strengthening our system for independence, for dignity.”

On Obama's March 2015 executive order:

“Obama’s declaration that Venezuela is a country of peace that is not a threat to the U.S. is a very positive step, but I have to say it’s not enough. The decree of March 9, 2015 must be annulled or withdrawn or it is really a threat to our country."

"We have advanced our conversations with the United States in the same spirit that has encouraged our sister country Cuba, in the hope that we could lift the sword that is hanging above the Venezuelan people.”

"The path is opening. I can say at this moment that I have greater positive expectations. “

On rebuilding a new UN:

"Today the world needs another United Nations, a new geopolitics, a new system different to the one created 70 years ago."

"The time has come in the 21st century for the construction of a multipolar, multicentered world. A world without hegemonies, a world that recognizes the weight of the new emerging centers of political, economic, cultural power."

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