Venezuela is prepared to face US blockade

“Venezuela is highly prepared to exercise its absolute independence and overcome the economic blockade of the gringo empire”, said the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, on Saturday before a crowd that mobilized itself, in rejection of the economic blockade imposed by the United States on the Venezuelan people.

From the Calvary sector, Sucre Avenue in Caracas, the Head of State explained that the country has great spiritual, political and military preparation to face the unilateral sanctions of the US empire that seek to bend the will of popular power, which 20 years ago elected the revolutionary path. “Venezuela wants peace, sovereignty and territorial integrity and that is what we will have”, he said.

“We have been preparing ourselves, today we have our own spirit and identity. Politically, (we have) daily consciousness, the construction of popular power in all its forms of expression (…) militarily, Venezuela today has a respectable power that guarantees, in all circumstances, territorial integrity, peace and national sovereignty. We have a powerful, united, cohesive, moralized and loyal Bolivarian National Armed Forces, under the command of Commander in Chief, Nicolás Maduro”, he said.

In his words, he said that “the Trump administration repeatedly violates the norms, principles and values ​​of international law” imposing unilateral and coercive measures, and using the economic power of the dollar “to blackmail the world and try to impose a world dictatorship”.