Communist Party of Great Britain expresses its solidarity with Venezuela after new aggression by Donald Trump

On Monday, August 5, the president of the United States, Trump, signed an executive order imposing an embargo on the government of Venezuela. After the failed coup attempt by Juan Guaidó earlier this year, which was backed by the United States, Venezuela now joins countries such as Cuba, Iran, Korea and Syria, recipients of the most extreme and damaging economic war.

Although temporarily delayed by the disruptive nature of the Trump administration, US imperialists have continued their machinations around the world, provoking Iran in the Strait of Hormuz, supporting the beginning of a color revolution in Hong Kong, eliminating the Treaty on the Intermediate Outreach Nuclear Forces and, of course, the ongoing assault against Venezuela.

Unable to learn a lesson from his bloody nose in Syria, where US-backed terrorists have been largely defeated by the Syrian Arab army and its allies (including Russia and Iran), the United States continues to support the absurd claim that Juan Guaidó is the president of Venezuela, the weakest of the pretexts under which to turn the economic screws and threaten with military action.

It is the billionaires who have companies all over the world that sail on multi-million-pound yachts to their multi-million-pound homes on private multi-million-pound islands, who demand that the Venezuelan working class (and Americans and British, and the rest of the world) live in poverty and misery, and, if necessary, be shot and bombed to remind them their place in the world.

However, Venezuela will not be an easy springboard on the road to World War III. Its people are loyal, armed, organized and educated through years of struggle, and are supported by many nations, large and small, throughout the world.

The undersigned call on all progressive people and organizations to join forces with the Venezuelan people and their government, led by President Maduro and the PSUV, against imperialist aggression and demand the end of the embargo and sanctions!

The defeat of Venezuela will be our defeat, the victory of Venezuela will be our victory! We will win!

We invite organizations and individuals that support a free and independent Venezuela to sign this declaration of solidarity by sending an email to


Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
Indian Workers Association (GB)
Red Youth
Stalin Society
Ethera Api UK