US Executive Order attacks all the people of Venezuela

“Yesterday Mr. Donald Trump took another step to complete the aggression against Venezuela, very serious situations on the part of the US government”, said the Executive Vice-president of the Republic, Delcy Rodriguez, during her rejections to the new Executive Order issued from the White House.

“They have removed their mask, those actions are for an absolute suffocation against our country”, denounced the high official.

Rodriguez stressed that “they have said that this Executive Order is against President Nicolás Maduro, it is against a regime, but this Executive Order attacks the entire population of Venezuela, all its economic and social sectors”.

In turn, she rejected what was stated by the American National Security Advisor, John Bolton, who mentioned that “we are taking this step to deny Maduro access to the global financial system and to isolate him internationally, but we are also sending a message to third parties who want to do business with the regime”.

The Executive Vice-president warned that these coercive measures are a “clear intimidation to third parties that provide goods and services to our country, including food and medicine”.

Regarding what Bolton said, Vice-president Rodríguez said that “they say that the humanitarian channel is maintained, but if they financially besiege Venezuela, with what currencies is the country going to buy its food and medicines?”.

The US National Security Advisor also said that “it is not only that we are not going to withdraw penalties, yesterday President Donald Trump signed an executive order to impose a complete blockade against Venezuela”.

Regarding this issue, Rodriguez said that “Mr. Bolton is confessing the complete dispossession, the major theft of all our assets and interests in US jurisdiction”.

At the same time, she described as ruffian the deputy to the National Assembly in contempt, Juan Guaidó, as well as the leaders of the extreme right who have expressed their support for the coercive measures implemented by the US empire.

In this complaint, the plans for attack and looting of natural resources were unveiled with the cooperation of the Venezuelan ultra-right, which seeks to favor the corporate interests of the US hegemonic system.