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3 minutos atrás

The Communal Councils and Communities will hold in the next 20 days, a great practical, theoretical, political and strategical debate to define the priorities, potentialities and concrete proposals of the 2019 Communal and Productive Offensive Plan. [...]

5 minutos atrás

I thank the boys of the Ensamble Yenben musical group for allowing me to accompany them on the kettledrums during the inauguration of the 2019 Communal Offensive Plan. Long live the Music, Joy and Great Force of our People!


10 horas atrás

Le agradecemos a la Presidenta de la Asamblea General de Naciones Unidas @mfespinosaEC por su apoyo al @MNOAL_NAM para instituir el Día Mundial del Multilateralismo y la Diplomacia de Paz. Son momentos para fortalecer decisiones colectivas y detener las pretensiones unilaterales


14 horas atrás

Pdt of the UN General Assembly @mfespinosaEC received FM Jorge Arreaza who gave her a communication denouncing the effects of the illegal & criminal blockade imposed by the US govt against Venezuela.


14 horas atrás

FM Jorge Arreaza #Denounces "pressure on private banking to prevent it from working with Venezuela. It's a cruel & criminal aggression"


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