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20 minutos atrás

I ordered the incorporation of the Youth Employment Mission to the We Are Venezuela Movement and the Bolivarian Militia in the 2019 Productive and Communal Offensive Plan. Let’s make a bigger productive effort and refocus the Economic Plan of the [...]

52 minutos atrás

The Communal Councils and Communities will hold in the next 20 days, a great practical, theoretical, political and strategical debate to define the priorities, potentialities and concrete proposals of the 2019 Communal and Productive Offensive Plan. [...]


17 minutos atrás

Some reactions confirm that we walk the right path. It gives us more STRENGTH for the struggle. Yesterday, we denounced the US criminal blockade against Venezuela at the UN. Today, the Trump administration responds with desperation against us. TRUTH hurts!

44 minutos atrás

Hay reacciones que confirman que transitamos el camino correcto y nos dan más FUERZA para luchar. Ayer en la ONU denunciamos de forma irrefutable el bloqueo criminal de EEUU contra Venezuela. Hoy la administración Trump responde con desespero contra nosotros ¡Les duele la VERDAD!


15 horas atrás

Pdt of the UN General Assembly @mfespinosaEC received FM Jorge Arreaza who gave her a communication denouncing the effects of the illegal & criminal blockade imposed by the US govt against Venezuela.


15 horas atrás

FM Jorge Arreaza #Denounces "pressure on private banking to prevent it from working with Venezuela. It's a cruel & criminal aggression"


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